David Turner, French/Spanish/English translator

25 years' experience, DéjàVu X and memoQ user

specialised in the translation of documents in the aerospace, defence, naval, energy, transport, environment, information and communication technologies fields

Translation French/English and Spanish/English of technical documents (technical, maintenance, quality and user manuals, specifications, business reports, proposals, contracts, standards, patents, software localization, web sites, etc. in a variety of fields for end customers and agencies.

DejaVu DVX approved training instructor

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The biggest names in the high-technology field

Dassault Aviation, E.A.D.S., Snecma, Auxilec, ECE-Intertechnique, Messier

DCN, Aérospatiale, Euromissiles, Giat

Thalès, EMD, Alcatel, Schneider, Renault, Peugeot, Technip, Sogeclair, EDF, GDF, Sonovision-Itep, Disneyland Paris, Aventis, Carrefour, Denso, AON France, Sidel, STS Group

Alstom, Bombardier, LTF

OECD, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bureau Veritas, DGA, DGAC

Agosta, TGV, Ariane, Falcon

Naval: DCN Cherbourg approved supplier (selection tests): Agosta 90 B submarine project – more than 150,000 sentences translated to date, DCN Lorient (approved supplier – selection tests) (Sawari 2)

Aviation: Dassault Aviation (several hundred Rafale, Mirage and Falcon technical publications), DGAC 2002 activity report

Rail transport: TGV High-speed train for Korea (more than a hundred technical documents translated), LTF - New Lyon-Turin rail link

Weapons/Defence: Several hundred Mistral/Milan/Trigat/AMX/Roland/Leclerc documents

Space: Ariane 5 qualification document package

Industry: Electrical specifications for Disneyland Paris, Aventis Quality Manual, Building specifications for Carrefour supermarkets, Guidelines for good operating practices in EDF nuclear power plants

Image: Agosta submarine at sea

Technical and linguistic skills, swiftness and responsiveness, technological lead

Three major assets:
- Trained as both an engineer and a linguist with 25 years’ experience: very few people have such technical and linguistic know-how which is something that is absolutely essential to understand and translate highly technical texts. The more technical the subject is the more the translator needs to know about it.
- Speed and responsiveness: I translate all the translations given to me personally with no go-betweens. This guarantees quality and responsiveness with no surprises: “What you see is what you get”.
- Technological advance: to give my customers the benefit of a fast translation service at the lowest possible cost, I have, for a number of years, used computer-aided translation tools such as Trados Workbench/Multiterm, DéjàVu et Multitrans which allow existing translations to be “recycled” with increased translation quality and terminological consistency.

DéjàVu translation memory and productivity system

David Turner
3, place Lénine
Résidence Saint Saturnin
94500 Champigny-sur-Marne

Tél : (33) (6) 82 30 70 11
Email : asaptraduction@yahoo.co.uk


For a free quotation or more details, please contact me by e-mail at the following address:

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Image: High-speed train, Korea

In your request, please indicate your document type (technical specification, contract, proposal, manual, etc.), the number of words or pages it contains and its format (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, etc.). By all means attach your file(s) to your inquiry. This will speed things up and allow me to quote you the lowest possible price.

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